Thursday, October 15, 2009

The balloon incident now being accused

O.k. so if you watch the news you probably heard about the balloon thing and if you don't know i will tell you ! O.k. it all started when a 6 year old boy hopped into a floating big balloon! Then he apparently he floated away and everyone was freaking out ! Later they found the balloon half with no basket and they still couldn't find the little guy! His brother who is 7 or 9 said that he saw him go in the balloon but turns out he was a liar ! ! lol the little boy was actually hiding in the garage in the attic in a box! and SOME NEW NEWS ON THIS ! It was just a hoax ! ! They just wanted publicity! want reasons?
- first they have been on many other reality shows
- second they called the radio station first before 911
- and third during one of their interviews the little boy messed up and told the truth and said that is was for the show ! ! ! lol


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